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Big Iron Security, llc was started by a small group of like minded U.S. Army veterans wanting to bring a new and much needed renovation to the world of Security.  Using the professional skills all members learned in the Army, Big Iron Security looks to bring a professional home town feel to those who need security in the greater Cheyenne area.  All members of Big Iron Security bring a new way of thinking and understanding to the Security community and look to make the region a safer place for small business owners.


Born in Pierre, SD. and raised in Cheyenne, WY. Ken grew up in a modest home, enlisting in the U.S. Army right after graduating from Central High School.  After a successful, all be it short lived, career as an infantryman Ken left active duty service to return back to Cheyenne joining the U.S. Army Reserves stationed in Fort Collins, CO.   Ken decided to put his training and professionalism to good use by joining other like minded veterans in an effort to bring a new level of safety to his adopted home of Cheyenne.  Ken brings his military bearing and a head full of fresh ideas to the table for Big Iron Security, llc and the people of Cheyenne.


Phone: (931) 249-1373

Email: kenneth.rushing@hotmail.com


James was born in Heidelberg Germany to a U.S. Army veteran and moved to Windsor CO at a young age.  After High School James joined the U.S. Army as a Military Police officer.  After more than eight (8) years as an active dutyMP, James moved back to Windsor to be near family.  Serving in the same Reserve unit as Ken, James found work as a security officer in the private sector quickly going from a patrolman to a shift supervisor.  James moved to Cheyenne for work purposes and joined forces with the other owners of Big Iron Security, llc.  James brings with him, his military bearing, law enforcement experience, and private security knowledge to the people of Cheyenne.


Phone: (307) 220-4259

Email: smitty0621@outlook.com


Tanner was born and raised in Greeley CO.  After graduating from Northridge High School, Tanner joind the U.S. Army.  After a short, but successful, active Army career Tanner returned to Greeley to focus on his new family.  Tanner still serves in the U.S. Army Reserves and works in Greeley.  Tanner brings a vast knowledge of administration and logistics to Big Iron Security, llc and with that a new kind of security structure to the great people of Cheyenne.


Phone: (931) 257-6281

Email: tannerkimball.tk@gmail.com

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